Greenwood Aerial Video, LLC


Photography has always intrigued me. How else can you capture a single moment in time to share with the world, or tuck it away, only to be discovered years later. When I look back on a lifetime of photographs I have so many memories, from the things that made me cry, to the things that made me laugh until I cried. From a macro shot of a bee on a flower with pollenated legs, to a picture from a jet at thousands of feet in the sky, I thought the world had seen it all. Until now.

Drones allow us access to places and perspectives never before possible. From Weddings, to that special Prom, Family reunions, Outdoor events, Real Estate Property and so much more. I want to help you make a lifetime of memories!


                                                                                Greenwood Aerial Video, LLC is my first venture into business ownership. 
                                                                                Serving the public as an automotive service manager for 12 years has                                                                                                             taught me the value of a job well done and that a completely satisfied        

                                                                                customer is a customer for life. 
                                                                                Remotely controlled electronics have always intrigued me and I have owned

                                                                                several remote-controlled vehicles through the years.
                                                                                In August of 2014, I purchased my first “flying camera” drone as a “grown   

                                                                                boy toy”.  After seeing the Christmas lights in Uptown Greenwood, I

                                                                                decided to make an aerial video at dusk, featuring the town square and  

                                                                                Uptown Businesses.
Shortly after publishing my edited video to Facebook, YouTube and Twitter, I was approached by an individual who purchased the pictures I had taken. I was also approached by a Realtor group and a local news outlet.
This gave me the idea of forming an aerial video company.
After discussing business ownership with my wife, I formed Greenwood Aerial Video on January 9, 2015. 
I am grateful for all the people who have assisted in promoting my business and want to be the premiere aerial video company in Western South Carolina.
We have 3 drones that shoot high resolution photographs and high definition video (1080hd & 4k) that can get footage from as low as a few inches off of the ground to as high as 400’ in the air. We also carry general liability insurance and can provide insurance certificates when needed.

Thank you for considering Greenwood Aerial Video, LLC for your aerial solutions. I look forward to meeting the needs of your business and growing together with you!

Bill King, Owner